"Enough Pushing Through The Pain In Ugly Orthotic Shoes!"
Don’t Buy Another Pair Of Expensive Shoes Until You Listen To These Experts' Shocking Experiences On How To Fix Plantar Fasciitis... So You Can Wear Whatever Shoes You Want, And Get Back To Doing What You Love!
We've Gathered The Top 21 Experts On Health And Healing In The World
To Teach You How To Get "Freedom From Heel Pain," 
October 26-30, 2020
Plantar Fasciitis Summit
"Freedom From Heel Pain In 30 Days"
Educational Online Event

October 26-30

Dear Friend,
You've been held hostage by plantar fasciitis for TOO long! This is a summit committed to helping you get amazing relief from plantar fasciitis in the next 30 days. But more than that, we want to help you feel good, have more energy, and live the life you want without daily pain holding you back.
Have you ever thought... 
“Why do I have plantar fasciitis, why doesn’t anything I do seem to help? "
I see people walking normally, comfortable in all kinds of shoes, like they don’t have a second thought to walking or standing all day, totally unfazed…

And it seems like a dream... but... 
“How do I get rid of this daily ache, and feel great on my feet, do whatever I want without a care in the world, and live a normal life…?" 
My name is Dr. AJ Ludlow, and I’m the founder of Stronglife Physiotherapy…

Many feel like the medical world has let them down. I help people feel hope again and finally understand why their heel pain hasn’t gone away yet, even after trying everything their doctor recommended. To know what is really missing from their recovery plan to get complete, long-lasting relief. 

But what a lot of people don't know is that the body is a complete system, if one part is out of whack, there’s issues elsewhere, and everything is connected. There’s health experts from all around the world, saving good people from chronic pain everyday using a whole body approach…

Many have been able to understand what’s really happening on a deeper level... But many don't... 

And that fact drove me crazy...  
So we asked 21 of the world's best health, healing and wellness experts about plantar fasciitis...
Here is the message that we sent to our experts, to see if they could help us to pinpoint the secrets to why plantar fasciitis sticks around, so we could help get people unstuck:

Here is the message that we sent to our experts, to see if they could help us to pinpoint the secrets to why plantar fasciitis sticks around, so we could help get people unstuck:

"Hey Health and Healing Expert,

How would you use your expertise and experience to help people be free of heel pain...and begin to heal plantar fasciitis on a deeper level?

What steps would you take in the next 30 days to see some serious results?"
- Dr. AJ Ludlow

We were touched by the response we got, most were willing to make the time to share their plans with us, even their trauma through their own experiences with pain. 
Their advice for how to tap into different parts of the body’s ability to heal itself was SURPRISING. We kept being humbled by realizing there was so much we didn't know to help not only our feet to heal, but to help us to feel amazing, lose weight, stay active, and have more energy!
Their advice was real, honest, and backed with experience. This wisdom changed my perspective, and I am so excited to pass it on to you. 

The Truth Will Set You Free From Heel Pain…

...We discovered that every step we take, every breath we take, every shoe we wear, our body’s mobility, position, ability and even how we sleep affects how fast we can, or can’t heal….
Stress, Negativity, Outright Exhaustion, Diabetes, Aches and pains in other places…
so much of the pain we suffer is because we don't understand how interconnected our body is. Understanding how everything works together leads to FREEDOM From Heel Pain!!! 

I’ve seen many good people, friends, family suffer from chronic pain and debilitating disease, I myself had heel pain for 4 LONG YEARS. It's been a long journey of healing for them and for me, and that's why I only want to share what works from actual experience with real patients with plantar fasciitis just like you. 

We know the daily pain that wears down our happiness, the hopelessness that we’ll be stuck like this forever, discouragement for trying so many things that don't work. I are grateful to report that I can say the insights I’ve received from these experts are truly helpful, especially for those of us who are hurting right now. 

I’ve seen many good people, friends, family suffer from chronic pain and debilitating disease, I myself had heel pain for 4 LONG YEARS. It's been a long journey of healing for them and for me, and that's why I only want to share what works from actual experience with real patients with plantar fasciitis just like you. 

We know the daily pain that wears down our happiness, the hopelessness that we’ll be stuck like this forever, discouragement for trying so many things that don't work. I are grateful to report that I can say the insights I’ve received from these experts are truly helpful, especially for those of us who are hurting right now. 

I Will Never Look At An Ache or Pain In The Same Way Again!!!
Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Like 
There’s Something “Broken” With Their Body… 
Needs These Interviews.
So, we asked each and every one of the 21 speakers who did an interview with us…
And We Asked Them The Unthinkable… 
"Would You Be Willing To Share This With Everyone…
At first, a few of them thought we were a little crazy… 

But then one said Yes…
And Soon EVERYONE OF THEM Agreed To Come On A 
Video Interview And Walk You Through Each Of Their Plans!
So, WHO were the ones who were crazy enough to agree to help serve you at their HIGHEST level… so you can get access to these interviews!?!
Let Me Introduce You to the Experts That Will Help You Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis...
Cristy "Code Red" Nickel
The biggest lies about weight loss, how to lose weight without exercising, pills, shakes or diets. Taking the next best steps for you and where you are at. How to reduce pain and inflammation by eating real food. The secret to having more energy, and reducing medications. Taking the pressure off your feet, and joints. Avoiding the vicious cycle of depression and weight gain.
Dr. Emily Kiberd
You need to be a detective with your condition. If you’re not finding relief in stretching, try the self mobilization strategies. Peeling the layers of old injuries away to discover what needs to be addressed. Whether you need massage or strength. How to repattern that motor control, and specific exercises to build strength. Dealing with excessive fatigue, understanding Hashimoto's.
Dr. Debbie Bright
One of the top risk factors for plantar fasciitis, is extra weight, safe weight loss can help reduce the strain on the fascia. The number one mistake in losing weight, what is that food you eat communicating to your body? Calories don't matter, it's what the food causes to do to our body, the food we eat shows up in pain in our tissues. How to address weight loss resistance, hormonal issues, autoimmune diseases, fibroid, adrenal health, blood sugar, diabetic neuropathies, even fertility issues, skin health, IBS, brain fog and joint pain.
Gin Stephens
Stop the crazy dieting, how to give your body a period of rest to heal and clean itself out, by when you eat, versus what you eat. Dieting without shakes, or special foods. No calorie counting. "We're wealth fueled.” A way to reverse diabetes, seasonal allergies, and inflammation. How to get your body back in balance with your body's natural signals.
Dr. Emily Splichal
Plantar fasciitis does not have to define your life. How to choose footwear  to help you move to a lower number on the pain scale slowly, so you can return to barefoot. Easy techniques you can do while you brush your teeth. How to avoid excess stress on your feet, and how to avoid surgery.
Kirk Duncan
The missing thing that has a dramatic effect on our lives, our relationships, our money problems and especially our health. How your past does not need to become your future, how to improve your overall physical condition, your mood, energy and motivation. Even if your life is in a downward way, you can move it up. How to improve your results, reach your goals and recover by giving yourself better instructions.
Ashleigh Di Lello
Told she could never dance or live a normal life, learned how to empower her body to move past the PTSD and trauma of chronic debilitating pain to reclaim her life. How to eliminate the stress and anxiety surrounding our pain. How to re-write our story so pain does not encourage more pain, physically and emotionally.
Gourgen Gevorgyan
What functional shoes are, and what a good shoe isn't. What exercises one should do to maintain proper foot function. Not just the shape of the foot, but the mobility and the strength that are going to make one susceptible to plantar fasciitis. Addressing arch problems, low, high, weak, collapsed and how it affects your recovery. 
Siim Land
Our body is very intelligent and it can basically heal itself. How we can improve our cognition, focus, and sleep better. For longevity and building muscle. How to avoid putting unnecessary burden on your body, and allow the body to go through its own healing processes. Why sleep is so important, your circadian rhythms keeps you healthy, so you’re alert in the morning, and relaxed at night.
Dr. Courtney Conley
From working in a shoe orthotics lab to teaching patients how our feet have evolved and how adjusting the footwear will actually change the way we walk. What to look for in footwear, and if you really need orthotics. Plantar fasciitis versus plantar fascia dosas. Do you really need stretching all the time or do you need strength?
Plantar fasciitis is more than a foot problem. It's a whole body problem... that's thankfully easy to resolve. Determine if it's your arches, are your feet flat, is it in your hips? The more movement choices we have in our body, the less influence our external environment will have on us.
Patrick McKeown
What really wreaks havoc on your health, and a simple way to fix it. How to sleep better, focus more. How to reduce anxiety, panic and injury. How to get out of the stress response in just a few seconds, to allow the body to get into the state of healing instead of fight or flight. How to avoid agitation and the increased perception of pain.
Sue Hitzmann
Medications and surgery are not the only way! Your body is crying out, understand how to soothe it and find out what's really happening,  why pain becomes chronic. The body really wants to heal itself, learn how to trust your body and create a better relationship. Get out of "stuck stress," and how to rebalance ourselves.
Carrie Meyer
The exact 6-part method to address every side of chronic pain, to release those taut muscles. Help people feel in control again, how to stop the overwhelm and get them back to more functional movement patterns so that they can enjoy  life with more ease and more flow.
Antonio Stecco
The majority of the time plantar fasciitis is just the tip of the iceberg. Fascia is so important because of it's relationship with the muscles, how it can get altered, and how it affects every movement. How to get the fascia in the correct position to allow proper movement as it glides along other fascia. How to avoid plantar fascia tearing, avoid compensating in other areas and how to get long lasting results.
Bridgette  Campbell
Making the connection between food and diseases, pain, fatigue and how you feel. A way of eating that makes you able to get up in the morning, have more energy, sleep better, moving differently, with less inflammation.Stop being controlled by foods. Comparing yourself to you and make baby steps with a lot of grace.
Eleena Kanner
How postural problems lead to other problems in the body, like the position of your rib cage, your center that changes how you move, how you walk, and how you breath. How you walk affects whether you have foot pain or not. How to get your body into a better position, and getting people out of pain to get through their daily lives without compensating everywhere.
Kara Lasauskas
Getting away from the cookie cutter approach to your injury, it’s unique to you, it’s a puzzle. Evaluate your gait, your stance, where the load is, or where you’re overcompensating. The role of ankle mobility. How to feel comfortable in barefoot, even get back into running without injury.
Steve Kopshaw
How to get moving first thing in the morning with as little to no pain as possible with specific, painless techniques to release tension from your toes, to your heel, up your legs into your calves, glutes and hips. The best tools for the job.
The investment in your health doesn’t need to be high bouts of exercise, but it can be in shorter more manageable daily routines. Making fitness a priority will help you be successful. How to build the right strategy by evaluating where you need strength, mobility or stability. What our bodies were designed to handle. Setting realistic goals.
Depression and trauma in relation to chronic pain. Sometime you want to be anywhere but in your body, because it hurts, and you become disconnected from it. How to re-connect your body to a whole state. The big changes that happen when you care for your body differently. Help build the resilience we need to overcome chronic pain, how to release all the stress in your body. How to counterbalance all of the inflammatory effects that the stress response triggers in the body.
The Plantar Fasciitis Summit speakers have been featured in...
We Want to GIVE You Access to All 21 of These Interviews...
So You Can Learn The SAME Secrets That Helped Them And Their Patients!
Yes, that means you have to BLOCK OUT that time… 

Immerse yourself in the interviews…

Take notes…

I want you to finally understand what's going on with your heel pain... by watching these interviews. 

I want YOU to be FREE of heel pain, and to do that, you need to make sure you actually watch, learn and implement from the gift that these 21 people are giving you.

So that’s it!  

Just a commitment that YOU need to make, an INVESTMENT in yourself. 

A commitment to register…
• A commitment to watch…
• And a commitment to put the advice to work for you...

We can’t wait to see how much this will help you! 

Thanks again, and we’ll see you on the inside of the members area!
Dr. AJ Ludlow
Day 1
Managing & Eliminating Pain
  • Functional Podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal
  • Wellness Coach & Creator of Bio-Emotional Healing Ashleigh Di Lello
  • Creator of The Melt Method Sue Hitzmann
  • Author of Oxygen Advantage Patrick McKeown
  • Resolve Pain Guru Carrie Meyer
  • Host of The Conversion Factor Podcast  Steve Kopshaw
Day 2
  • Owner of Total Health Solutions & Creator of Gait Happens Dr. Courtney Conley
  • Author of What The Foot & Creator of the Flow Motion Model Gary Ward
  • Functional Medicine Physician, Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist Dr. Debbie Bright
  • Life Coach & Body Language Master Kirk Duncan
  • President of Fascial Manipulation Dr. Antonio Stecco
  • Certified Athletic Trainer, Former Competitive Gymnast & Olympic Weightlifter Aleena Kanner
  • Breath Work Expert Emerson Wolfe
  • My Foot Function Expert Gourgen Gevorgyan 
Day 3
Complete Recovery & Healthy Living
  • Ex-Boxer and Celebrity Nutritionist 
    Cristy  "Code Red' Nickel
  • Author of Fast, Feast, Repeat and Delay, Don’t Deny Gin Stephens
  • Chiropractor & Author of Thyroid Strong Emily Kiberd
  • Author of Metabolic Autophagy Siim Land
  • CEO of Sirens & Titans Fitness Jacques DeVore
  • From NBC Titan Games, Ex-NCAA Athlete Kara Lazauskas
  • Co-Founder of KETOSIStas Bridgette Campbell
P.S. - If you’re here looking for a quick recap… here it is. 

When you get the All-Access Pass  for the Plantar Fasciitis Summit, you’ll get access to all the interviews with 21 of the worlds Experts On Healing showing you what they’d do to break free from plantar fasciitis...So you no longer feel like there's something "broken in you" or that you're "wearing down."

...and begin to understand how to really heal...and when you register we’re doing a special online video presentation showing you plans, shortcuts and connections you need to get on the right path.  

All you’ve got to do is get your All-Access Pass now:

Why Should You Attend the Plantar Fasciitis Summit?

You can learn a wealth of information from Top Health And Wellness Speakers who normally only speak LIVE from stage, without leaving your home, booking a hotel or arranging daycare for your kids.

Get everything you need to know in one place, and avoid searching for hours online. You have FREE access to 21 experts all in one place who will be giving you advice specifically on YOUR condition.

You may be just one interview away from a transformational change in the quality of your life, a huge improvement in your health and the comfort of your feet as well as your struggle for happiness.

Your Plantar Fasciitis Summit Host
Dr. AJ Ludlow
Dr. Ludlow had heel pain himself for 4 long years, gave up being active and gained 60 lbs that took years to lose. He started Stronglife Physiotherapy because he felt the "normal" healthcare model was not good enough. He believes people deserve more and need more than just prescriptions that cover up the real problems and invasive surgeries. 

He has searched worldwide for revolutionary treatments, techniques and experts to bring the best the rehab world has to offer to his patients and to you. 
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